About me

Hi I’m Robin 👋  I helped lead a campaign which got the University of Bristol to fully divest from fossil fuels. After this win, I felt the codes of social change within my grasp. I decided to suspend my studies in Spanish and Portuguese and focus on activism. Since then I have gone on a 2-week hunger strike against the Heathrow Airport Expansion (VoteNoHeathrow), coordinated Communities and Operations at XR and been a spokesperson on various outlets such as the BBC, LBC and famously, Sky News.

Since May 2020, I have suffered from the chronic Long Covid symptoms of headaches and fatigue. Never to be beaten, I now focus my time more on research whilst I slowly recover. My current mission is to make even the driest scholarly articles about civil resistance, community organising and climate breakdown into accesible resources for social change. I'm particularly interested in supporting other young people on this journey. I might even join them on TikTok to do it 😉

I love to write stories and to empower others. There is nothing like seeing someone's dispondency ignite into a fulfilling passion. To that end, all my content is freely available. If you want to support my work, please consider dropping me a regular donation. With donations, I can write more, research further and hopefully turn my passionate volunteering into a living.

Or just enjoy the resources here for free and drop me a message on robin@robinboardman.com or on social media if you have any questions 😊

Homepage art by the wonderful Amelia Halls.