Thank you so much! Welcome Aboard🥳

I'm touched that you decided to donate to my fledgling blog. It bolsters my spirit to go on and write. To tell the tale of my struggles and my victories. Now I feel you close alongside me for that journey.

As we tumble deeper into collapse, we need these close connections to support a community of resistance. One that sees the truth of our demise and yet gives and gives to salvage our future. That giving is exciting, it's throwing our all in for life.

Anyway, that's my gratitude spiel! I could go on forver but now you'll get plenty of that in my newsletters. I hope you enjoy them —I’m aware you’ve got enough to read, and I don’t want to add unnecessarily to the pile. So I’ll try not to abuse the privilege of being connected up.

Anyway, I’m glad you’re here, and on we go!

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